Dojo Etiquette

Students Must Respect The Dojo and Observe The Following Rules:

The dojo is a special place where we train ourselves physically and mentally.

  • KarateBefore entering the dojo, please remove all footwear.
  • Always bow when entering and exiting.
  • Always allow a student of higher rank to enter or exit the dojo before you.
  • Always warm up with stretching and basic exercises before karate practice.
  • Please do not bring food, gum or drinks into the dojo.
  • Never use foul or inappropriate language in the dojo.
  • Do not engage in loud chatter or foolish behavior.
  • Your uniform must be clean, unwrinkled, and free of stains and tears.
  • When “narande” is shouted or the gong is rung, please line up quickly and quietly.

When entering the dojo, say things like:

  • “Ohayo” (Good Morning for before noon class)
  • “Konnichi wa” (Good afternoon, for classes between noon and 5:00pm.)
  • “Kon Bon Wa” (Good evening for classes after 5:00pm)
  • “Onegai Shimasu” (Please teach me)
  • “Ogenki Desuka” (How are you?) Response is “Genki des” (I’m very well.)

Observe the following etiquette when class is to begin:

  • JujitsuStand in heisoku dachi (front position) or seiza (kneeling position)
  • Shomen ni rei (Bow to the front of the dojo and the photo of O Sensei)
  • Soke ni rei (Bow to the photo of Soke)
  • Otagai ni rei (Bow to each other)
  • Shihan ni rei or Sensei ni rei or Sempai ni rei (Bow to whomever is leading the class)
  • Always say “No Shihan/Sensei or Yes Shihan/Sensei.”
  • Kyu’s (under black belt students) always address black belts as sir or ma’am.
  • All students address the current senior student in the junior and senior program as “Sempai.”

Class is dismissed the same way it began, with the following additional items:

  • Recite the karate promise: “Karate is my secret. I bear no weapons. I pray I shall never have to use it.”
  • Shihan/Sensei says: “Domo arigato gozaimashita.” (Thank you very much)
  • Student responds: “Do itashimashite.” (You’re welcome)
  • When bowing out of the dojo, say “Sayonara” (For classes ending before 5:00pm) or “Oyasumi nasai” (for classes ending after 5:00pm)
  • Finally, before entering and leaving the school, always come and go quietly and carefully out of respect for others still in class and for the property where the school is located.

The Karate Oath

We are proud to study the way of the hard and soft.
We shall always show courtesy.
We shall be quick to take advantage of opportunity.
We shall always practice patience.
We shall always respect the spirit of karate and the martial arts.

Our Dojo Motto

Defense first – Offense second – Safety always

Dojo Precepts

The mind is one with heaven and earth.
The circulatory rhythm of the body is similar to the cycle of the sun and the moon.
The way of inhaling and exhaling is softness and hardness.
Act in accordance with time and change.
Techniques will occur in the absence of conscious thought.
The feet must advance and retreat, separate and meet.
The eyes do not miss the slightest change.
The ears listen well in all directions.

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