Practical Safety Tips for Women


  1. The elbow is the strongest point in your body. If you’re close enough to use it to defend yourself, use it!

  2. If a mugger, especially an armed one, demands your wallet or purse, toss it away from you. Chances are he’s more interested in that. Then get out of there if you can.

  3. If you’re ever thrown in the trunk of a car, kick out the taillights and stick your arm through the hole and wave like crazy.

  4. When out alone shopping, eating, working, etc., and returning to your car, have your keys out and look around. Look in the car. Get in the car, lock the doors and drive off. Don’t sit there checking your cellphone, etc. Predators look for women who are distracted and sitting alone in their cars.

  5. If someone is in your car with a knife or gun, DO NOT DRIVE OFF if ordered to do so. Gun the engine and speed into anything. The air bag will save you while he takes the full impact of the crash. After the crash, bail out and run.

  6. When you get into your car in, say, a mall parking lot or garage, and there is a male sitting alone in the car next to you, you may want to go back in and have a security person escort you to your car if you feel uneasy.

  7. At all costs, always take the elevator, especially at night.

  8. If a predator has a gun on you and you are not under his control, ALWAYS RUN! Chances of a running target being hit are 4 in 100 times, and most likely not a vital organ. Run in a zigzag pattern.

  9. Be wary of charming, seemingly helpless males who ask for your assistance with his vehicle or getting into his vehicle.

  10. Do not open your door if you hear a crying baby. It is one of several tricks used by abductors. Call the police.

  11. It’s a dangerous world out there. Learn how to defend yourself. It could save your life or the life of someone you love.
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