Kids, Teen, and Adult Karate Classes

Free Trial ClassTeens, adults, and kids ages 4 and up receive instruction in Okinawan Goju ryu Karate-do from Master Instructor Cormier, who is a 7th degree black belt in this martial art. In this internationally known system, which is a style designed to teach you how not to fight, students will learn a variety of blocks, strikes, kicks, stances, grab, and control techniques and how to fall properly.

Kids Karate Program

Advanced Kids Karate

Advanced Kids Karate Practice Buken 10

Are you looking for your child to learn karate in a comfortable, safe, supportive, and family-friendly environment?

Our kids karate classes blend exercise and fun as young students learn the fundamental principles of karate in a friendly, respectful atmosphere.   During class, our students learn many other valuable life skills, and, at the advanced level, they learn weapons. Through regular karate training, your child will develop and experience achievement, mutual respect, teamwork, positive motivation, and perseverance.

Start your child in karate today with our complimentary trial class and see why our our families voted us Best Martial Arts Studio in Bay State Parent Magazine’s 2016 Best of Bay State Parent Awards, winning the 2022 Community Kangaroo Joey Award, Top 5 Martial Arts Classes in Massachusetts in Boston Parents Paper’s 2017 and 2015 Family Favorite Awards, and Best Martial Arts Classes around Boston in the Boston Parents Paper 2014 Family Favorite Awards.

Teen/Adult Karate Program

Teen & Adult Karate Black Belts

Teen & Adult Karate Black Belts
Practice Kumite #5

Learn the true spirit of karate.  Our teen and adult karate classes cover the full spectrum of Okinawan Goju ryu Karate-do, including kata, self defense techniques, and weapons. We use positive reinforcement and mutual respect to motivate students to achieve higher levels of skill.

As students progress in rank, they realize gains in flexibility and agility, have a greater sense of confidence and well-being, and further develop the self-discipline needed to accomplish goals. The benefits of karate training carry over to the workplace, helping you think quickly, yet clearly, and maintain focus.

What Our Students & Families Are Saying

I’ve been studying here since I was in first grade -I’m now in my third year of college. I know that the dojo has made me a better person. I’ve learned many ways to defend myself, but I’ve also learned respect, restraint, and discipline.”

-Mackenzie D., karate student

You’ve had a profound effect on both of our children. I honestly believe karate improved their self-discipline and self-confidence. Thanks for all you’ve done!

-Lyn B., mother of two karate black belts off to college

Thank you for all your guidance and encouragement getting my son to black belt. Thanks for all you do with the kids.

Carolyn Dykema, State Representative

Wow! Where do I begin to thank you for all you’ve done for Anna? She has had a fun and rewarding time under you wing.

John F., karate parent

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but you have a way with the children. I just wanted to let you know that I, as a former teacher and director of an afterschool program, and more importantly as a Mom, appreciate it!

Liz N., karate parent

Potential students are always welcome to come in and join us for a complimentary trial class in jujitsu or karate.

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