Kids, Teen, and Adult Judo Classes

Complimentary Adults, Kids Judo Class in Holliston, MAMeaning “the gentle way” in Japanese, judo consists of throwing and grappling techniques that emphasize the “maximum efficient use of energy”, a concept Kano Jigoro Shihan, the founder of judo, considered to be a cornerstone of martial arts and a principle useful in many aspects of life.

Kids Adult Judo Class

Having Fun in The Kids Judo Class

Under the instruction of Sensei Noel Layman, judo students learn how to make the most efficient use of momentum and balance to take their opponent to the ground. Although judo does not teach the use of kicks or punches, students will learn to use their opponent’s attacks to their advantage.

Through both individualized and small group instruction, judo students learn all of the throws and ground techniques required for mastery of this self defense art and sport. Our judo classes, for kids ages 8 to 12 and teens/adults, teach confidence, coordination, balance, self defense skills, and the correct, safe, falling techniques.

Adult/Kids Judo Class

Individualized Instruction in Our Kids Judo Class

Judo is the perfect activity for improving one’s physical fitness, as training in judo improves aerobic capacity, flexibility, and strength. It is also an excellent activity to complement other sports activities, such as wrestling and even motorcycle racing and snowboarding-where safe falling techniques can be invaluable.

Potential students are always welcome to come in and join us for a complimentary trial class in judo or in any of these wonderful martial arts: jujitsu, karate, and adult self defense.

What Our Families Are Saying

One of the things that has helped our sons with their wrestling is the judo training they have received from Sensei Layman. I have seen both boys use judo successfully in their wrestling matches, much to their opponent’s surprise.

John D.

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